Separation is perhaps a wonderful dream, Eagle & Waterfall OS X 10.7, Pigment print on 300gsm cotton rag, George Paton Gallery, 2018
150 x 230CM

How hard is it to see past the duality and separation of our world? Digital and Nature and Human and Machine and Image and Viewer and Presence and Absence and so on…

The nature of mechanical printing requires continuous-tone images to be broken into finite dots or patterns so that solid ink can be used to recreate an illusion of the image. The end result places ink and paper side by side in a relationship which locates the image within neither material. The ink cannot be read without the substrate and the paper is blank without the ink.

The source image for this print is a background-wallpaper which was included with Mac operating system OS X 10.7. I was fascinated by the quiet stillness represented in this culturally curated moment, and the way it is able to occupy a simultaneous space of breathtaking-display and invisibility.

The translation of this image into print is an attempt to amplify this duality while at the same time delivering a slower experience of wholeness and unity.