Windows, printed paper, printed acrylic photo blocks, gold leaf, ikea table, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, 2017

Windows stand between things (insides and outsides, now and memory) but at the same time provide portals which allow communication. Yarra Sculpture Gallery provides a direct line-of-site view to the window of my first Melbourne address: Flat 6. 18th floor, 229 Hoddle St Abbotsford, 3067. And this site-responsive work, on the west wall of Gallery 2, replaces 3.6 x 4.1m of gallery wall with a printed view of the south tower of the Hoddle Street flats. These flats (along with x44 other housing commission towers) are not traditionally celebrated as part of Melbourne’s topology, however, they have provided ‘windows’ for generations of Australians and are presented here with feelings of gratitude and opportunity.